How Long Should Your Testimonial Video Be?

A testimonial video can be so tricky- it can either be very captivating or extremely ordinary and boring. This is the reason why choosing the right video production company to make the testimonial video is very important.

In any video production outlet, the length of the video is a very important factor. Most of the time, it is one that determines what type of video to be produced, what elements are to be included, and how much is the cost of the production.  The length of the video also determines how effective it will be when shown to the public.

In making a testimonial video, the rule of thumb is simple-KISS (keep it short and simple).  You want your interviewees to tell the viewers what they like about your company in plain and simple languages. They need to express it as natural as possible. The unscripted video is more believable than robotic pre-scripted film.

When the interviewees express their thoughts in a more direct and honest style, the video should only last to a maximum of one minute. The length of the testimonial video is very important because it is the element that holds the public to watch your video.  It glues them to watch the video in its entirety. Again, a testimonial video can be very verbose and it can turn-off a lot of potential customers. Keeping the video shorter than a minute is the best way to avoid this.

A testimonial video that is more than a minute can be extremely boring to watch. Keep in mind that testimonial video only focuses on what the interviewees are saying. Watching them talk about something for over a minute can be a torture to most viewers and it will make your video ineffective.

To make a short testimonial video, you need to establish your company’s credibility right from the start. The viewers will be compelled to watch your video until it finish when they heard something that can hold their interest. This is the reason why you need to review what your interviewees will say during the shooting. You need to make sure that what they will say can influence potential customers after watching the video.

Aside from the length and the “meat” of the messages that your interviewees are conveying, another important element in a testimonial video is the emotions of the interviewees. People want to watch other people’s emotional response into something. Your interviewees should “act” naturally while expressing the right emotions to elicit a positive response from the viewers.

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