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How to Prepare to For An On-Camera Interview

Preparing an interview takes a lot of time, research, planning and sometimes just plain luck. While we can’t help you foresee if your location will get rained on – but we can remind you to make sure you have extra batteries and help you prepare for conducting an on-camera interview.

1. It has to feeland be authentic.
No one knows you or trusts you so if a person has dealt with your company before.  The best persons to get are those who have tried the product or service.
2. It has to be interesting.
3. It has to deliver a message which is relevant and that resonates.
4. Schedule a pre-shoot meeting
5. Decide on an overall style of the video.
6. Decide who are the actors on camera – it can be distracting to the message if you have three persons, one giving the message and the other two are goofing off in the background.
7. Decide the message you want out there. Write and rewrite the message and get neighbor(s) as a sounding board to vet the best message.
8. How do you plan on structuring your soundbites?
When you get the customer or customers delivering exactly what you want you need to decide whAt to place first in the video, whether you will lead off and then have them come in or just  let them speak for themselves about your product or service.
9. Do you include other support material in the video i.e. house, car, books etc.
10. Decide on the shooting style to use in your interview.

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